Dead Legend - Coldest Winter - VER. 1.0 MOD APK

Winter was coming...all lives were gone,but justice wasn't...
Yes, you were dead as a human being, but you were still alive as a zombie hunter.
Living and fighting with a human mind in a zombie body, you are the last hope of saving the world.

Most Important Tips:
★Shoot the head
then one bullet can make target dead
★Shoot fast
then you can get higher score
★When you face the boss zombie
then destroy his helmet first
★Bullet can pass through walls
then you can kill zombies without seeing them
★Grenades only kill zombies
so you can throw it freely into the "dead"

Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Ammo
No Reload

1. Download .APK
2. Install .APK file
3. Play Game

MOD By xFeint

Download Link
Note: If there is a broken or malfunctioning download link, please let me know to fix it.

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