Freedom Apk - VER. 1.8.4

Name Of Tool: Freedom
Version: 1.8.4
Requirement: Rooted Devices

This is Freedom for Marshmallow and Below

Please note that there are some bugs/features
On second step on in-app purchase, you will be prompted for google play password, it will show you your real credit card details. But don’t worry, if you saw famous FakeCard on first step, no real transaction will occur. We will fix it in future.
We only tested android 2.3+ and market 3.10.9+, we are unsure that it will work on older dead software.

* expanded configuration
*add compatibility with Magisk
Important Notice:
This apps doesn't work on all apps/games especially online games that server sided
You have 0% chances to get In-App Purchases to work if the game you play is fully server sided

If you have trouble accessing Google Playstore after using this apps then stop this apps inside the apps menu then using any file explorer with root privileges go
system/apps or system/apps/priv-app
and delete Phonesky.odex
reboot after you have deleted that files and Google Playstore will be working again
delete the host file located in system/etc or by simply use Adaway to restore the host file to default (reboot afterwards)​
Madkite & ZonD80

Download Link:
Dropapk:Freedom v1.8.4Freedom v1.8.4
Note: If there is a broken or malfunctioning download link, please let me know to fix it.

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