Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod 5.20.2/ 5.20.1 Apk (Global/Japanese)

The best Dragon Ball Z battle experience is here! Relive the anime action in fun RPG Story Events! Play in Dokkan Events and the World Tournament and face off against tough enemies! And for true hardened fighters, the challenges of Extreme Z-Battle and Super Battle Road await! Tap Ki Spheres on the battle screen and send enemies flying in this anime action puzzle game! Finish enemies with powerful and iconic Super Attacks! KAMEHAMEHA! Fight alongside with Goku or team up with rivals such as Frieza, Cell, or Majin Buu from the anime! Train your favorite characters and Awaken them to new realms of power! Organize your team to assemble the best fighting force!



Global Mod by G-Bo ッ
  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode (High HP and 0 damage on map)
  • Extreme Damage
  • Always 1, 2, 3 on your dice!
  • Always 1, 1, 1 on your dice!
  • Do not enable mods while clearing the tutorial.
  • Do not switch around the features, they might bug. Best experience by choosing the features you want to use before joining the battle map and not changing them before finishing the map.
  • If the features stop working when you relaunch the game do the following: Long press on app icon > app info > data > clear cache. Then start the game and if you had features saved before (save preferences mod menu option) turn them off and on again. Then it should be working fine.
Japanese Mod by Legend
  • Menu Mod
  • God Mode
  • Dice Always 1 2 3
  • Unlimited Dokkan
  • Unlimited Skill


Signed APK - For Non-Root or Rooted Device
  1. Go to phone settings ➧ security ➧ enable check for Unknown sources
  2. Uninstall your current version (if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it)
  3. Download & Install Signed APK
    Google+ login possible? No.
    Facebook login possible? Yes. But remove your facebook app from device.
UnSigned APK - For Rooted Device Only
  1. Your device must be rooted
  2. Your device must be full patched
  3. Install original game from playstore or use original game APK when uploaded here. If you have original game already installed, skip 3. & 4.
  4. Start original game and login once with Google+
  5. Close game and install unsigned APK over the playstore version (don't remove the original game)
    Google+ login possible? Yes.
    Facebook login possible? Yes.


❖ Mod Global by G-Bo ッ
Signed DBZ Dokkan Battle 361 MB - v5.20.2
UnSigned DBZ Dokkan Battle 361 MB - v5.20.2
Signed DBZ Dokkan Battle 361 MB - v5.20.2
UnSigned DBZ Dokkan Battle 361 MB - v5.20.2
❖ Mod Japanese by Legend
Signed JP DBZ Dokkan Battle 76 MB - v5.20.1
Signed JP DBZ Dokkan Battle 76 MB - v5.20.1
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