[iOS 15 ✔] Among Us! 2022.6.21 Mod Ipa

Play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone! Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship. The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis.


  • Game Name: Among Us!
  • Game Version: 2022.6.21
  • iTunes Link: Among Us!
  • Bundle ID: com.innersloth.amongus
  • Publish Date: Jun 21, 2022
  • Platform: Apple 64 bit (old devices not working like iPhone 4)
  • Supported iOS: 15 and less
  • Separate App-Icon: no
  • Credit: TheArmKing
  • Needs Jailbreak: No!


  1. Unlock Everything // Hats, Pets, Skins Unlocked
  2. No Ads // Removes Ads
  3. No Ban Cooldown // No 5-minute cooldown for leaving matches early
  4. No Emergency Cooldown // Can Always Call Meeting
  5. See Ghost Chat // Dead Player Chat will show up
  6. Fix Sabotage as Ghost // Allows you to do sabotage tasks as a ghost
  7. Move Anytime // Can move when venting (Basically Become Invisible)

What's New
Our giant bug fix update is here! Make sure you’re on v2022.6.21 to get the changes:

  • Added Streamer Mode to the settings: When active, room codes do not display in the lobby and are replaced by "Click to copy".
  • Account Linking is back! You can link most platforms together to share cosmetics, experience, etc.
  • Added a colorblind mode to the settings.
  • Players are now able to view the map from the voting screen.
  • Over 100 more issues fixed! See our website for all the info.

Supported Devices

  • iPhone 5s or newer
  • iPod Touch 6G or newer
  • iPad Air/Pro or newer
  • iPad mini 2 or newer
  • work for non-jailbroken and jailbroken devices.

How to install this IPA MOD (read carefully)

How to install Apple MODs / Cheats for iOS Devices without Jailbreak


[iOS] Among Us! Mod 245 MB - v2022.6.21
[iOS] Among Us! Mod 245 MB - v2022.6.21

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