BLEACH Brave Souls Mod 12.0.0 Apk

The first smartphone 3D action game based on the mega-hit manga and anime Bleach. Build a team using your favorite characters from the Bleach universe! Brave Souls features a highly flexible character improvement system that allows you to create exactly the warriors and the team you want. Enter battle and earn experience to level up characters and improve their base stats, Ascend them to increase their max level, train them on the Soul Tree to further improve specific stats, or link characters together to provide additional support. The choice is yours!


  • Game Name: BLEACH Brave Souls - 3D Action
  • Mod Apk Version: 12.0.0
  • Playstore Link: com.klab.bleach
  • Publish Date: March 25, 2021
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Credit: G-Bo ッ
  • Root Required: No​


  • MOD Menu
  • God Mode (Solo + Co-Op + Epic Raid)
  • One Hit Kill (Solo + Co-Op + Epic Raid)
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Unlimited Skill-Soulbombs
  • Movespeed x4
  1. In order to run this App you will need to grant storage permission and overlay permission for that app if you have Android 6 or higher (some devices require contact permissions as well). Otherwise it will crash cause of the menu!
  2. Don't enable cheats in tutorial. Movespeed don't works in story mode when you have autoplay enabled. Other then story mode it works on auto.
  3. The mod is pretty safe against ban but to run nearly 100% safe use dummy account and push your real account in co-op or epic raid only.
Areas tested on this version:
  1. Story Mode [working]
  2. Co-Op Mode as leader [working]
  3. PvP [speed & unlimited skills working with tricks]
    -PvP Trick: Start the fight with all cheats OFF, turn ON when battle starts & turn off when battle ends.
  4. EPIC RAID as leader [working]
We regularly update our game with new features, improvements, and bug fixes.
This update includes:
  • minor bug fixes


Signed APK - For Non-Root or Rooted Device
  1. Go to phone settings ➧ security ➧ enable check for Unknown sources
  2. Remove original game (if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it)
  3. Download and Install Signed APK
    Google+ login possible? No.​
    Facebook login possible? Yes. But remove your facebook app from device.​
UnSigned APK - For Rooted Device Only
  1. Your device must be rooted.
  2. Your device must be full patched
  3. Install original game from playstore or use original game APK when uploaded here. If you have original game already installed, skip 3. & 4.
  4. Start original game and login once with Google+.
  5. Close game and install unsigned APK over the playstore version (don't remove the original game)
    Google+ login possible? Yes.
    Facebook login possible? Yes.​


➤ MediaFire Signed BLEACH Brave Souls - 82 MB UnSigned BLEACH Brave Souls - 82 MB For Account Linking Only - 81.8 MB ➤ Google Drive Signed BLEACH Brave Souls - 82 MB UnSigned BLEACH Brave Souls - 82 MB For Account Linking Only - 81.8 MB
If you have problems to link your account, please use the BLEACH Brave Souls v12.0.0 For Account Linking Only! to connect your account, then overwrite it with the signed MOD APK after.
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