Shaman King ふんばりクロニクル(ふんクロ)Mod 1.3.000 Apk

The completely new animation of the popular comic "SHAMAN KING" by Hiroyuki Takei, who has exceeded 38 million copies in the series, is now the first game for smartphones! The production team of many serious fans has super-reproduced the coolness and coolness of "SHAMAN KING"! In addition to 3D graphics and mysterious productions that thoroughly explore the charm of the characters, new episodes and illustrations that can only be seen here are a must-see for fans.


  • Game Name: SHAMAN KING ふんばりクロニクル(ふんクロ)
  • Mod Apk Version: 1.3.000
  • Playstore Link:
  • Publish Date: April 25, 2022
  • Requires Android: 6 and up
  • Credit: Yaskashije
  • Requires Root: No


  • Mod Menu
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier
  • Increased Android compatibility. Mod MAY work on devices in which original apk doesn't. (Arm64 device is still requiered)


Signed APK - For Non-Root or Rooted Device
  1. Go to phone settings ➧ security ➧ enable check for Unknown sources
  2. Remove original game (if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it)
  3. Download and Install Signed APK
    • If Data is included: Extract all files from Data to /sdcard/Android/data/
    • If OBB is included: Extract all files from OBB to /sdcard/Android/obb/
    Google+ login possible? No.
    Facebook login possible? Yes. But remove your facebook app from device.
UnSigned APK - For Rooted Device Only
  1. Your device must be rooted.
  2. Your device must be full patched
  3. Install original game from playstore or use original game APK when uploaded here. If you have original game already installed, skip 3. & 4.
  4. Start original game and login once with Google+.
  5. Close game and install unsigned APK over the playstore version (don't remove the original game)
    Google+ login possible? Yes.
    Facebook login possible? Yes.


Signed Shaman King ふんばりクロニクル(ふんクロ) 146 MB - v1.3.000
UnSigned Shaman King ふんばりクロニクル(ふんクロ) 146 MB - v1.3.000
Signed Shaman King ふんばりクロニクル(ふんクロ) 146 MB - v1.3.000
UnSigned Shaman King ふんばりクロニクル(ふんクロ) 146 MB - v1.3.000

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