[JB iOS 14 ✔] SwordArtOnline: IntegralFactor 1.8.7 Mod

The newest Sword Art Online game! This time, the protagonist is...you! You appear in this online RPG as a member of an Assault Team, working with other imprisoned players to reach the 100th floor of Aincrad! What if you were trapped in a game of life or death? You can experience meeting familiar characters and connecting to the original SAO story from your own POV. Experience behind-the-scenes stories not seen in the original SAO, and completely different story developments! Live out a "what-if" story where you affect Aincrad!


  • Game Name: SwordArtOnline: IntegralFactor
  • Game Version: 1.8.7
  • iTunes Link: SwordArtOnline: IntegralFactor
  • Bundle ID: jp.co.bandainamcoent.BNEI0335
  • Publish Date: Nov 30, 2021
  • Platform: Apple 64 bit (old devices not working like iPhone 4)
  • Supported iOS: 14 and less
  • Credit: TheArmKing
  • Needs Jailbreak: Yes


  1. Mod Menu
  2. Attack Multiplier (x1 - x1000 Attack)
  3. Unlimited Skills (No Skill CD & SP Doesn't decrease)
  4. JB Detection Bypassed (You can play the game on a JB device)

Supported Devices:

  • Jailbroken iPhone 5s or newer
  • Jailbroken iPod Touch 6G or newer
  • Jailbroken iPad Air/Pro or newer
  • Jailbroken iPad mini 2 or newer

How to make this cheat run for you (read carefully):

How to install Apple MODs / Cheats for iOS Devices with Jailbreak

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